Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Hotter Prince

Yeah I said it. Maybe Prince Harry had a few awkward years, but he has totally grown into his face and far surpassed brother William for the hottest Brit royal title. It also doesn't hurt that he put hi life on the line in Afghanistan despite the fact that he didn't have to. In fact, Prince is always using his powers of hotness to help others. Here he is yesterday in Buthe Buthe, Lesotho rebuilding a school. He and 26 soldiers from the Household Cavalry are currently in Lesotho working to rebuild a school for children with chronic physical and mental disabilities. The Prince first visited Lesotho in his GAP year in 2004 on the invitation of Prince Seeiso, the brother of the King of Lesotho. The pair subsequently set up the charity Sentebale meaning 'Forget Me Not' to help Lesotho's hundreds of thousands of orphans and vulnerable children. Prince Harry will spend three weeks working on the project. Hotness and heart? How can you go wrong?



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