Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hugh Hefner Almost Died Choking on a Sex Toy

According to a new biography coming out about the porn mogul's life entitled, Mr Playboy: Hugh Hefner and the American Dream, Hugh Hefner almost died while choking on a sex toy. The book describes the near-death choking incident with the sex toy along with the salacious details of his long and varied sex life. Says a source, “Hefner divulges he almost died doing what he loves best while he was dating ‘Playboy’ Playmate Sondra Theodore,” said a publishing source familiar with the book. The incident happened when Hef (53 at the time) and Sondra, the July 1977 Playmate, were in bed doing gross things with a small sex toy. Somehow, the toy became lodged in Hef’s throat, said the source. “He fell back on the bed, unable to breathe. But Sondra didn’t realize what had happened" said the source. “Then Hef began choking and was about to pass out. Sondra quickly started pumping his chest until the toy was dislodged. What a way that would have been for him to go!” Hefner was extremely cooperative and worked closely with the author, giving him access to private journals and giving interviews about his life. He calls Mr. Playboy, “the most authoritative book ever written about me” and says “it’s all essentially true.” Good to know. Can I throw up now?


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