Tuesday, July 8, 2008

In Completely Not Suprising Breakup News...

First up, Drew Barrymore and Justin Long, the MAC guy, have split confirms the actress' rep. The two have been dating since August of 2007, and both gushed about how happy and in love they were. Drew told the March issue of Vogue that, "My cheeks hurt, I'm so happy,", while Justin said that when he thinks of Drew, the first thing that comes to mind are, "Beauty and light, and she shines it on everybody who comes into contact with her." Well, I guess he will have to find another source of beauty and light. Might I suggest Courtney Love? Now that is a woman that radiates grace, elegance and all out gorgeousness. I can think of no one more beautiful and pure.
Another no shit couple to hit the fan is Kate Moss and Jamie Hince. The two, who had been dating for 10 months, reportedly had a huge blowout over the July 4th weekend the early hours of Saturday morning, reports the U.K.'s Daily Mirror. By that afternoon, he was spotted moving his belongings out of her North London home. Personally I can't believe they've lasted this long. He was just her rebound guy after Pete Doherty. However, if Kate's past is any indication, they have about ten more breakups to go before they call it quits for real. She loves breaking up and making up.


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