Monday, July 7, 2008

In Crazy Crackheads News...

Before I even get started, can I just ask if Winehouse has only two pairs of shorts? This bitch is riiiich! You'd think she had an extra $10 for a new pair of pants that aren't deemed a heath hazard. Seriously, I'm suprised those things are still hanging on. Toxic! Anyway, Amy was spotted last night partying and holding hands with some strange dude who I'm sure she's banging. As she would say, "I'm young, bored, and my huband's in jail. Sometimes I just need to get my nuts off!" Preach it to the choir sister! Who can't relate to that? She is so the "every woman". That guy on the other and must not value his life. When you sleep with the Winehouse, you're basically playing roulette. Amy capped her no doubt classy and totally dreamy evening off by punching the shit out of a fan waiting at her house for an autograph. Like a delicate flower that Amy. On the other side of the coin and equally as predictable are the latest pictures from
The Sun which shows Amy's sexilicious husband smoking crack in jail. A Pentonville source said: “Blake takes heroin whenever he can get hold of it. His claims to be clean are a fallacy and it is obvious he remains dependent. There is nothing to suggest he won’t carry on when he’s outside and back with Amy. If she takes him back into her life when she is trying to get clean it will be a recipe for disaster.” Yeah I know. Try not to faint from disbelief.


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