Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's Called Pedophelia, You Sick Bitch

Fame whore Katy Perry who is milking her 15 minutes for all it's worth recently said in an interview she hoped to lock lips with Miley Cyrus during her performance of her ridiculously mind numbingly dumb Jill Sobule rip off song "I Kissed a Girl" during the Teen Choice Awards. Problem is, Katy is 23 and Miley is only 15. Isn't that like, pedophelia? In other words, gross, disgusting, sick, perverted, twisted and all out wrong? Can we lock her up and deem her a sexual deviant and a harm to others? Please? If this was, oh, I don't know, just some 23 year old dude saying he wanted to make out with just some 15 year old chick, we'd be all over his ass like an effing hemroid.
I also find it more than obnoxious that this bitch can't come up with one original thought in her little pea sized brain. "I Kissed a Girl"? Maybe revolutionary when it was done over a decade ago. Locking lips with a younger ingenune? I suppose racy the first time when Madonna roped in Britney and Christina. Bitch is just being gay chic because she's thinks it's cute and cool. I mean, isn't every little serority sister "trying on" her best friend now when she's completely wasted because she thinks it will get the boy's attention. Dumb ho should sit down, shut up, and quit trying kiss 15 year old children so she can seem relevant.


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