Monday, July 21, 2008

K-Swift Found Dead!

27-year-old Khia Edgerton, aka "K-Swift" was found Monday morning at her northeast Baltimore home in the 4300-block of Arizona Avenue. Police say K-Swift was giving a pool party at her home earlier in the day. They're investigating whether or not she was drinking before getting into the pool. Witnesses told police there were several people in the pool when she jumped in, but none of the swimmers were alarmed when she didn't immediately resurface.There were also lifeguards present.
After time had passed and she still didn't surface, they got alarmed and jumped in. They were able to pull her out to the side of the pool. Medics were called but no one at the party attempted CPR while they were waiting. Didn't even try! When medics got there, they attempted CPR to no avail. She was transported to Good Samaritan Hospital where she was pronounced dead.
When police arrived at the house to investigate the pool was very cloudy and the area was dimly lit.She broke ground as a female DJ on 92 Q Jams and rose to female mix show coordinator.She is one of the only women in the country to hold the title. Her death is being investigated by police as a suspicious death.
Sadness! This Queen of the B-More Club scene will definetely be missed by many.


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