Monday, July 28, 2008

Khloezilla Hungry! Khloezilla Want Big Mac!

It was so lovely of McDonald's to make Khloezilla a cheeseburger on her scale. I am sure her recent weight loss isn't due to diet or excercise or anything else poor people do when they want to lose a few. It's most likely because she can't find enough food to fill her enormous, giant sized esophagus. Think about it: she probably has to devour like, 600 regular sized Big Macs just to feel slightly satisfied. Poor Khloezillz! What's even more sad is that you never see her with a significant other. Regular sized dick most likely feels like a tickle or a jelly bean. Hey! I wonder what that dude from "Big Fish" is doing! He would be perfect for her. I smell a love connection!



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