Monday, July 7, 2008

Kristanna Loken Swears She's Still Bi.

Kristanna Loken may have just wed actor Noah Danby, 34, but insists that doesn't mean she's strictly dickly. "I’m married to a man now," she says. ‘I think I was ready to be in a committed relationship and it could have been with a man or a woman. It just so happened to be a man, but it doesn’t make me not attracted to women." Look, I know that people can be equally attracted to both sexes, but I still maintain that this chick is a card carrying, full on les to the max. No need to deny it Kristanna! What is the meaning of this whole marriage charade? Are you fooling yourself because you let your one true love, hot bitch Michelle Rodriguez get away? An outie won't mend a broken heart girl. This chick will be divorced within a year. Trust me.


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