Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Let The Countdown Begin

One of my all time favorite crazies, Marc Jacobs, is rumored to have just gotten married to his boyfriend of three months Lorenzo Martone. The two reportedly exchanged vows in France last week, and even though the international nuptials are not recognized in the states, Marc is said to be thrilled. “He’s totally excited,” said an insider. “He said he’s head-over-heels in love with Lorenzo. His life is coming together now.”
There has been a war of words as to whether or not the rumors are true. Fashion Week Daily claims they did not participate in the pact while The Post is steadfast in the notion that they did. They were planning the ceremony for weeks according to an email sent to Fashionista. Meanwhile NY Mag has been working overtime to dig up evidence that the two have gotten hitched. Here's what they've come up with:
• On Friday Jacobs changed his Facebook status to “Marc Jacobs is very busy.”
• A member of the press office at Louis Vuitton said Jacobs was in the building.
• A store manager at the Marc Jacobs Palais Royal boutique in Paris said he hadn’t seen the designer and didn’t know anything about his private life.
• A salesperson at the Bleecker Street Marc Jacobs store here had heard no reports confirming the rumor, adding, “I am sure they would have sent something out. But one of my friends told me about the marriage. I have no idea if it’s true or not.”
• Davé Cheung, chef at restaurant Davé, which Jacobs frequents, hadn’t heard the rumor, but noted gays can’t marry in France yet.
• Jacobs is taking a trip to Ibiza soon, but he’s been planning it for months.
• A rep for Louis Vuitton in France said, “They’re just rumors.”
• A rep for Jacobs here said, “Marc did not get married — nor does he have any plans to.”
All I have to say is exboyfriend Jason Preston is not going to like this! I already know how this whole marriage thing is going to go down: It will be wedded bliss for about one, maybe two more months. The insults and vases will start flying, Lorenzo's clothes will be thrown out the door, Marc will go running back into the arms of Jason, wondering why he ever left him in the first place, and he and Jason will continue their love/hate/cocaine relationship all over again. Any questions?


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