Monday, July 7, 2008

Lily Cole and Jude Law Are Dating. As of Five Minutes Ago.

20-year-old model Lily Cole was seen leaving Jude Law's pad in London yesterday morning after spending the night. According to the Mirror the couple, which was spotted together at a Radiohead concert last week, have been bumping fuglies for two weeks. Ooh! Getting serious!On Saturday night, the two were seen together on a romantical date. A witness said, "There was no blatant kissing but it was obvious they were more than just friends. Jude was being very affectionate and gazing into her eyes." He was only gazing into her eyes to see his own reflection I'm sure. Just remember Lily, when he's staring at you and passionately confessing that you're the most magnificent creature he has ever laid eyes on, he is most definetely talking to himself, so don't let him play you for a fool!


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