Monday, July 21, 2008

Lock The Doors, Hide Under The Covers and Say Your Prayers.

OMFG. Why is one of the melting statues from "House of Wax" terrorizing the red carpet? Why are they insisting upon trying to give us nightmares by shoving their busted ass face in our grills? What's that you say? It's Rose McGowan? Oh, well than. That's a fug of a different color. I should have known though. Those melting statues are much more beautiful, classy, and probably didn't blow the director to get their roles in the movie. Here's the House of Whore-or with her disgutsing sugar daddy Robert Rodriguez. I guess they're still bumping fuglies, despite rumors to the contrary. Those two look like they've been dragged by a ice cream delivery truck for 20 miles, beaten by a gaggle of tweens with wiffleball bats, and been held hostage for 3 years without ever been allowed to see the light of day. Not attractive those two. Not even a little.


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