Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mariah Carey in August's U.S. "Elle"

O.K. first of all, why is this woman always in a bikini? Particularly in Elle-a fashion magazine! You have a good body-we get it. There's just something kind of desperate about someone who is always trying to show you how sexy they really are. I definetely think that Mariah and Christina are in dire need of Charm School. Those two are amazingly talented, yet they feel the need to rely on their T&A rather than their real talents. Ridic! Anyway, Mariah spoke with "Elle" about a number of things, including her marriage to Nick Cannon. She swears that the two were kicking it for a long time prior to the wedding, but that they kept it on the DL. She explains: “Therefore, we didn’t really ‘date,’ you know what I mean? Because that would have been not quiet or private. I think we didn’t want to give people a chance to be like, ‘What are you doing? What are you talking about? This is so quick… are you sure?” Whatever makes you happy, Mariah! Just so long as you make sure Nick doesn't stay up past his bedtime. Kids get so cranky when they don't get their proper rest, and you don't need him hurling his Transformers across your million dollar mansion out of frutration.



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