Thursday, July 3, 2008

Naomi Watts is Pregnant!

Smashing actress and former Slacker Chic of the Month Naomi Watts is pregnant again! The actress, 39, has entered her second trimester with her second baby, Us Weekly reports in its newest issue. However don't expect Naomi or baby daddy Liev Schreiber to be making any grand announcements. When she was pregnant last year with her first child, Liev, 40, didn’t confirm it until he casually told Conan O’Brien, “Yes, I’m going to be a dad.” The couple, who met on the set of the 2006 drama The Painted Veil, welcomed son Alexander in July 2007. These two are definetely one of my favorite Hollywood couples-mostly because they aren't total media whores and if you see them out and about, it's usually to take their son for a stroll in the park. They seem so down to earth and like just two normal parents who happen to be movie stars-not the other way around.


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