Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oh Yeah, I Forgot This Chick Had A Kid

Amanda Peet is absolutely gorgeous. Problem is, she's boring as hell. Seriously, she puts me to sleep like no one else. Regardless, she's on the cover of the August edition of "Cookie" with her daughter. Man I bet that kid sleeps a lot. I know I would definetely be a narcaleptic if I were Peet's kid. Ambien spoke with Cookie about the suprises motherhood brings, as well as her deep hatred for parents who do not vaccinate their children saying, "Frankly I feel that parents who do not vaccinate their kids are parasites." Strong words! If only she could be as passionate in her movies as she is about the vaccination issue, she might be a better actress. Yeah, I said MIGHT. Several stars have spoken out against vaccinations such as Holly Robinson Peete and Jenny McCarthy. McCarthy for example believes that there are an excess of vaccines given to children that may end up doing more harm than good. Personally I have no knowledge on the subject but at least both sides are passionate about something other than Prada I suppose.


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