Monday, July 21, 2008

People Have Bad Taste


You know those fugly cheap ass leggings that Lindsay Lohan is trying to con people into spending over $100 for? Well they've evidently been branded a success after the range sold out in stores across the U.S. The hot mess launched fashion accessories line 6126 - named after Marilyn Monroe’s birthdate - earlier this month and the range has already sold out - with customers being placed on a waiting list until stores can order new stock.
Los Angeles boutique owner Jaye Hersh tells E! Online, “The collection is blowing out, we were so overwhelmed by the reaction. We have launched other celebrity collections here, and this one is just flying through the door.
“We launched Lauren Conrad’s collection, we’ve had Mandy Moore, we’ve had various different celebrity lines, but this one really seems to be hitting home." Say wha?? Those things are ugly as sin! I can only imagine that people are buying them for friends as a joke or for their next costume party when they go as LiLo. Ariva and hair made of vomit and straw sold seperately.



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