Friday, July 4, 2008

PETA Offers Sharon Stone a Free Brain Scan. Because I'm Sure She Couldn't Afford One Herself.

Bosses at PETA are offering Sharon Stone a free brain scan - in an effort to improve her compassion. PETA President Ingrid Newkirk has written the dumb ho suggesting her refusal to stop wearing fur and recent thoughtless comments she made about the Chinese earthquake could be symptoms of an underdeveloped brain. Well duh! It's Sharon Stone we're talking about. Regression of evolution at it's finest! PETA bosses fear the actress may need to work on her compassionate nature. And, after she was forced to apologise to China for suggesting the country's recent earthquake tragedy was "karma" for the way the nation treat Tibetans, PETA peeps feel Stone might be ready to undergo medical tests. In her letter, Newkirk writes, "Given that millions of people... were killed, injured, and left homeless by the recent earthquake in China, everyone was shocked to hear you dismiss the devastating effects of this disaster. However, your cavalier attitude did not come as a surprise to us. We are used to the indifference that you flaunt and the callous remarks that you make about the suffering and death of the animals whose fur you wear so often." Scientific studies suggest that the prefrontal regions of the brains of people who lack empathy might be underdeveloped. Stone suffered a brain haemorrhage in 2001, but has come back healthier and crazier than ever. Now, is it just me or does PETA do things bass ackwards? Instead of offering to waste their money on a brain scan for a multi millionaire, why don't they donate the money to the earthquake victims? They could still make their holier than thou speech, but at least someone would be benefitting from the whole thing. Of course I think Sharon had diarreah of the mouth, but PETA using that incident to get some press is extremely tacky to me. Those that died shouldn't be exploited for a little attention. But that's just me.


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