Sunday, July 27, 2008

QVC's A Very LCD Supa Saturday

I am thoughroughly convinced that the wait staff, in an effort to create a few giggles, spiked the beverages at the QVC sponsored Super Saturday in the Hamptons with high grade hallucenogenics. Because those bitches were straight trippin'. Not only were their wardrobes a technicolor nightmare, they look like they were off their asses. I'm sure ten minutes into these pictures they were banging the bongos ala McConaughey singing Vusi Drives the Kombi and watching the trees grow.
Carmen Marc Valvo and Kelly Ripa & Beth Ostroski and Katie Lee Jolie

Katie Lee Joel & Fabiola Beracasa

Lorraine Braco & Lisa Robertson

Kelly Ripa and Molly Sims & Susan Lucci



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