Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sid and Nancy Are So Punk Rock

Paris and Benji Madden aka Sid and Nancy took time out of their busy schedule of getting in bloody bar fights, breaking bottles over each other's faces, putting ciggies out on their arms, and assaulting "The Man" to shop for matchy matchy outfits at "Assholes R Us". These two are just so fucking cool, I'm losing my mind. Really, I wish I could be as awesome as they are. With her square, manlike jaw, size 17 shoes, and utter uselessness and his emmasculated completely decrepite pussywhipped demeanor. And those wayfarers! Talk about original! They are positively the only people on the face of the planet I have seen sporting them. I don't know where Sid and Nancy are off to next, but my best guess is to grafitti some cop cars, harrass some poseurs or participate in an underground fight club.


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