Thursday, July 3, 2008

Steve-O Back In the "Looney Bin"

Steve-O is back in the psych ward according to his myspace blog. Here's what Jackass star had to say:
Hello Everyone,

After seeing "Dr. Drew's Celebrity Addiction Special" on VH1 News, I figured it was time to put something out there for you all. I expected my part on that show to be much harder to watch than it wound up being. It made me want to explain a little bit of what I've been going through since I got clean, to help some of you understand how much damage drugs and alcohol have really done to me. I've now been clean for 115 days, and I'm, again, in a mental institution. I did so much cocaine, ketamine, pcp, nitrous oxide, and all sorts of other drugs, that, quite simply, my brain is fucked up. As you can probably tell by the way I'm writing this, my cognitive skills are alright, but, I frequently suffer from horrible mood swings and severe depression. Those of you who have followed my warped mind's trail on the Internet for a significant amount of time have, I'm sure, been very aware of those attributes, but, I just want you all to know that four fucking months (almost) of not touching a damn thing that a psychiatrist didn't perscribe to me hasn't changed that shit. The medication that is prescribed to me doesn't do the trick every day, let's just put it that way. I'm back in the looney bin trying to get that shit right. The bottom line is that doing drugs fucked my ass up and I'm going to be paying for it for a long time, probably for the rest of my life. Everyone's going to make their own decisions in life, but nobody needs to make the same mistakes I made. I love you all,


That's a mature decision. Addiction and mental health are very serious, so I defeinetely wish him luck in his present and ongoing recovery.
P.S. I had to use that old pic of him with Lindsay, cause you know it's time for help when LiLo is embarrassed by your actions.


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