Friday, July 25, 2008

Taking Consumerism to the Next Level

Vogue magazine and media divisions at IMG have produced a new reality series called Model.Live. Debuting August 19th on, and The show will be a web-based reality series about the fashion industry, featuring the three girls going to castings call, being rejected by clients, being told they are too fat, too thin, too tall, too punk all in the vain of high-ratings and mega bucks. And (here's the best part) consumers will be able to watch the series as well as buy featured ensembles that the three modelteers will be sporting. Express LCC, a clothing retailer, will be the major contributor to the girl’s wardrobe and IMG offices will be filled to the rim with Express clothing. Now that's marketing at it's finest people! Despite being clothed for the reality show, IMG's VP of Development David Cunningham insists that the show will be organic. "We want this to be a real show" he says. Yeah, real prophitable. Anyway, here's a peeksie at the models being featured:
16 year old Austria Alcantara

20 year old Madeline Kragh

19 year old Cato Van Ee



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