Sunday, July 6, 2008

Where Have These Two Been?

Ah Sandra Bullock and Jesse James! What a relief it is to see them instead of more pics of Britney's vagina or Christina in her blue Louboutins stumbling out of another club. These two are my hands down favorite Hollywood couple. If you can even call them that. I love that they live such an unpretentious, normal life away from the spotlight. They don't have that arrogance about them like they are special or important or better than you because their bank accounts are fatter. They actually remind me of my husband and I. Both he and the James are tattooed, motorcyle riding, car fixing, stray dog loving kind of dudes that can repair everything from the the kitchen sink to insulation (which he's doing right now!) and don't give a shit what anyone thinks about them. Anyway, here are the Mr. and Mrs. kicking it beach side on the 4th with one of their pups. Adorable!



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