Sunday, July 13, 2008

Who Effing Cares?

You all will be positively thrilled to know that Miss USA, 26-year-old Crystle Stewart, said that she is endorsing Obama for President. "I like Barack Obama -- just his poise and the way he motivates people -- and that's something that draws me," said Stewart. Asked if she would vote for Obama, she said: "That's a secret, but yes! John McCain is an American hero. I'm actually kind of torn because I think he's a great person, he's older and he might be a little bit wiser," she told AFP on the eve of the Miss Universe contest, to be broadcast Sunday evening US time."But Obama's on the higher end of the list," she added. Ugh, who cares who this bitch is voting for? I am so sick of hearing who Clooney and Sean Penn and a bunch of other unqualified assholes in the entertainment industry are voting for. They act like they matter enough to swing our votes. I mean, I wouldn't vote for McCain if he was running against an ardvark, but still. If you are stupid enough to vote for someone because George Clooney or Miss USA is doing it, you should definetely have your voting privileges revoked on the basis of retardation of the brain. Oh, and Crystle, FYI, something's not a secret if you tell it to the world.


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