Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ya'll Are Too Old For This Shit

Actors Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright, along with members of a crew filming the upcoming Oliver Stone movie "W", were arrested during a bar fight in Shreveport, Louisiana according to the Associated Press. Police Sergeant Willie Lewis said that Brolin, Wright, and five others were arrested after 2am Saturday at the Stray Cat bar.The Times of Shreveport said Brolin was booked and posted $334 cash bond to be released. This is ridiculous, Josh. You are 40 freakin' years old. Bar fights are for young douchebags with way too much testosterone and too few brain cells. Sure, you also lack the developed mental capacity that they do, but you are no longer in your twenties. It is going to take a hot minute for the bruises and cuts to heal and your joints to stop aching. Foolish mofo.


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