Thursday, August 28, 2008

45 Year Old Divorcee' With Severe Smoking and Whiskey Habit On Cover of Supermodels Unlimited

Would someone please inform me as to why Ali Lohan is on the cover of Supermodels Unlimited? She looks like an over the hill tranny stripper who could easily pose for the Misses Section of the JCPenney's catalog. What is the appeal?!? Why is she famous? Because she is on some shitty reality show that no one even watches? Please don't tell me it's because of her talent because we've all heard her sing and it's not pretty. In fact, I don't know what kind of crazy, fairytale dreamland the people that publish this magazine are living in, but calling her "the hottest new solo act" is about as big of a stretch as Paris Hilton's dungeon of a vagina.



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