Thursday, August 7, 2008

America Ferrera in September's "Blackbook"

America Ferrera is the covergirl for next month's Blackbook and she looks simply fab! This has to be one of the best editorials I have seen of her, although I have to say, the play on her dolling up whereas her character is always dulling down is getting old. Almost every cover she graces has some sort of moronic headline like "Who you calling Ugly?!?" or "She's a Betty!" or something that implies that while she may play "ugly" on television, she's not in real life. As if we, the public, are actually so dumb that we need help discerning make believe from reality. I mean come on! Anyway, while Blackbook certainly made her look phenomenal, I can't wait to see a mag just take her to the ultimate, edging her out to the max. I think she would look amazing in a high fashion spread!



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