Friday, August 8, 2008

And He Wears Her Panties

So we've all assumed that Katie Holmes' new fug ass style of wearing her pants rolled up ala Alyssa Milano in "Who's the Boss" was just some sad attempt at avante garde fashion. Turns out the jeans actually belong to Tom Cruise and she has to roll them up because he is apart of the Lollypop Guild and they do not properly fit her. While some are going to say that this is sexy-kind of like when a girl wears her boyfriend's button down shirt, I am definetely calling this one not sexy at all. In fact, I think the only reason Katie-there I go again!-KATE-is wearing his jeans is to try to get back at him for stealing all her best pairs of Victoria's Secret undies. Well I've got news for you, girl. If you want to get back at him, taking away his butchiest pair of slacks is not the way to do it. Hiding all his Streisand and leg lifts-now THATS the way you get even.


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