Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Aniston Says No To The Knife

In Hollywood the term "aging gracefully" has seemed to take on an entirely new meaning which involves a team of plastic surgeons, botox parties, and miricals in a bottle. In other words, almost no one seems to be pleased with the way they look or are aging. That is, of course, except for Jennifer Aniston who insists she will not fall victim to the plastic sugery monster. The actress, who will turn 40 next year, had this to say about going under the knife: "I once had the degree of my deviated septum operated on. Since then, I can breathe much better and sleep nights like a baby. The rest of my body is all mine. And absolutely natural. And it's going to stay that way. I am very satisfied with what God gave me." Jennifer also revealed she maintains her svelte figure with regular yoga sessions. She added: "I do the best I can to keep myself fit, both in body and mind. I also draw a lot of strength and energy from yoga, new age and cosmic energies. I very much believe in karma - the way you treat your fellow man is how you will ultimately be treated yourself." Had this come out of someone else's mouth, I would not believe them. But you can tell this girl has not messed with her face. She is healthy in mind, which almost always leads to a healthy body. I think she looks simply mahhvelous, and I'm sure she'll continue to look just as gorgeous in the decades to come.


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