Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Barack Obama in September's French GQ

Barak Obama goes all international by landing the coveted cover of next months GQ France. Uh oh! Look out Tyson Beckford! Say your prayers Marcus Schenkenberg! There's a new model on the scene and he goes by the name of Obama! Now, I'm not sure what the cover says exactly, because I don't speak French (my grandfather does though and he is always trying to talk to me in French like I know what he's saying), but here's what I think the title reads: "Obama comes clean about his longtime lust for Carol Channing, his passion for carrot juice, and his obsession with Salisbury Steak, 'It's the underdog of beef. And I'm looking to expand the way the public sees it. It shall live in the shadows of meatloaf no more!'". Again, that's just a loose translation. But basically what he probably said.


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