Thursday, August 14, 2008

Better Before

People have been totally scrutinizing Jennifer Love Hewitt's physic lately-some saying she looks hot, the others saying she looks like a fatass and needs to lose a few. Well while JLove has claimed she's happy with her bod, that hasn't stopped her from losing 18 lbs. The "Ghost Whisperer" is on the cover of US Weekly's latest issue flaunting her new figure but I have to say, I think she looked better before. While some starlets look better thinner, I thought her curves made her look sexy, vivacious and womanly. And while some claimed they thought she was too heavy, I thought she was still skinny and gorg! Now though she just looks like every other chick in Hollywood who's dying for a Happy Meal. Anyway, here are some pics of JLove pre-diet looking healthy and totally adorable.


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