Thursday, August 7, 2008


In a recent interview about the upcoming movie "W", Condoleezza Rice was asked who her Hollywood crush was and of course she replued with, "Well doesn't everyone love Denzel Washington?" How unoriginal! That is like the old standby answer that everyone gives when they can either think of nothing else, or they are too embarrased to give their real answer: Bob Saget. You know that bitch is into some kinky shit on the D.L. For real though, of all the men in all the world, why Denzel? I can think of a million others: Djimon Honsou, Common, John Leged, Daniel Craig, Terrence Howard, the lit could go on! From now on, unless you are Denzel's wife, they should forbid you from giving him as an answer from the "Who would your leading man be?" question.


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