Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Britney's Redemption Song

Ok Magazine has scored an exclusive spill the beans sit down with Britney Spears one year after her infamous dog pooping on a dress, splitting to streak in the ocean and leaving the set without an interview or photoshoot debacle. But this Britney they say, is a far different woman than she was when those crazy ass episodes took place. In fact, the Spears family insists that had it not been for Brit's breakdown, they would not be as close as they are today. "God has a way of taking something bad and turning it into something good," explains Jamie. "If this hadn’t happened, I would never have been able to get back with my daughter and have this relationship I have with these two little boys." Another positive that's risen out of her darkest days is Britney's new album, which she expects to hit stores in six to nine months. "I think it is more urban. I’m writing every day, right here at the piano in this living room... This is my best work ever." Well I don't know about you, but I think it's great Britney is finding herself again. Not because she's Britney Spears, but because she is a human being, and the last couple years of observing that trainwreck have just been sad. She really needed help, so it's great that she finally got it.


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