Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Criss Angel Releasing Clothing Line; Crabs, Herp and Hair Gel Not Included

Ever wish you could have that same tackadocious, stereotypical Jersey metal meets meathead style Criss Angel's always sporting? Well, now's your chance! The illusionist le douche is introducing a new cloting line in partnership with Dussault Apparel called MF13. The line will include jeans, t shirts, and accessories that will be sold at the Criss Angel Mindfreak store at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas as well as www.crissangel.com. “I am very excited to be working with Jason Dussault on the creation of my MF13 clothing line,” remarked Criss Angel. “CRISS ANGEL Believe will be unlike any show the world of entertainment has ever seen. The samples we are creating already reflect my lifestyle. Live the life!” Jason Dussault said, “I am a huge fan of Criss. After spending time with Criss, both at our flagship store opening in Los Angeles which he filmed for his television series, and after reviewing the story boards for CRISS ANGEL Believe, I could not be more inspired. I feel that the products I will be co-designing and producing for the Criss Angel MF13 line and the T’s for CRISS ANGEL Believe will be my best art to date.” Ugh, whatever! If there is one man on Earth whose style should not ever, in any way, even on Halloween be emulated, it is definetely Criss Angel. That being said, this crap is totally going to sell well. Mark my words.


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