Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Daisy Buchanan Is Wearing My Outfit!

Oh no you di'in't biatch! Mary Kate Olsen was spotted sporting little more than a flannel and maaaajah accessories at last night's Radiohead concert at the Hollywood Bowl, but I want to throw some stilettos at her because she is a style stealer! I totally wore this exact same outfit last week except I belted it and my beige wedges were taller. So take that, Daisy Buchanan with your fabulous fashion sense and whimsical ways! I know some may scoff at the fact that she is basically wearing a shirt as a dress, but when you're short, you can do such things. I should know. It is definetely one of the benefits. Aside from the fact that you can fit in the cabinets if someone comes in to rob you.


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