Monday, August 25, 2008

Daisy Buchanan's Got A Boyfriend. And She's Eating! Food!

Color me impressed! Not only does Mary Kate Olsen have a boyfriend, but she is injesting nutrients. And not just in the form of liquid Starbucks-we're talking actual solid food! Anyway, Daisy took time out of her busy schedule of wearing seven inch Balenciagas, playing with her collection of vintage rings and hanging with the Lollipop Guild to lunch with her man, artist Nate Lowman. She and Lowman have allegedly been dating on the downlow since December of last year, but have just recently began to go public with their relationship. Now I know I just went on a raging, raging rampage about the absurdity of Mandy Moore's new man looking like he lives in a box in the woods behind my house, but for Daisy, I will make an exception. That is, after all, her signature style and besides, she is Queen Ashley's sister. And as we all know, when it comes to Queen Ashley and her chosen posse, all is forgiven.


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