Monday, August 11, 2008


This weekend the entertainment indutry lost two valuable contributors to the world of the arts: Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes. Ironically, a new movie staring both Mac and Hayes as well as Samuel L. Jackson entitled "Soul Men" is currently in post production. The movie, which centers around two estranged soul-singing legends (Jackson and Mac) who agree to participate in a reunion performance at the Apollo Theater to honor their recently deceased band leader, focuses a lot on the subject of death. The entire plot of the film revolves around Mac and Jackson eulogizing the death of their friend with music, only now to have two members of the film’s actual cast dead. The movie doesn’t open until November 14th, so that does give the world a little time to grieve for Mac and Hayes. While some may find it eerie and depressing to watch a movie with two recently departed stars, if the popularity of "The Dark Knight" after Heath Ledger's death is any indication, filmgoers may see it as a good opportunity to remember why they fell in love with the actors in the first place, remembering them for what they loved to do best. I guess only time will tell how audiences react, and if the studio feels the need to push back the flick, giving people more time to adjust to the slight awkwardness of the situation. What I am sure of for certain, is that if there is anyone who can answer the inevitably endless questions regarding the passing of two co-stars with the grace, class, and even a little humor that Hayes and Mac would have wanted, it's definetely Samuel L.


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