Thursday, August 7, 2008

The End of the World is Near

So the whole McCain/Paris fued began when John McCain used the pestilential pussy along with Britney Spears as examples in a negative ad against Obama (as shown below). Paris is now fighting back, teaming up with "Funny or Die" to create this faux campaign commercial in which she talks about how to solve the energy crisis. So help me God, I know the appocalypse is at hand, because I actually find this funny. And personally, I didn't find the original McCain ad as anything negative against Obama, but rather McCain. I mean, it's quite possibly the dumbest fucking commercial I have ever seen in my life. Are we implying that a president (or candidate) shouldn't be popular and shouldn't be well liked? Isn't the whole idea that we should stand behind them, feeling united as one? Isn't that kind of what "One nation" means? Sure no one actually really believes that crap anymore, but can you imagine if we did? Wouldn't that be sweet? If you ask me (and you're not, but still) it sounds like someone's just jealous they don't have anyone to sit with at the lunch table. Bitter Betty!

Original " Celebrity" Ad


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