Sunday, August 31, 2008

Follow The Bordello Brick Road

Several designers were asked to recreate Dorothy's famous ruby slippers from "The Wizard of Oz" for New York Fashion Week because, well, you know how much people like taking original things from the past and turning them into hot ass messes. And this instance is no different. Some of these shoes are tackadocious to the third power, and look as if they were made by a color blind tranny prostitute on smack. I mean if these don't say "daytime hooker", I just don't know what does. Only a couple would be worth wearing (such as Tuleh and Betsey Johnson's), and the others are just expensive pieces of unrecyclable garba'ge. However, at least most of the designers took the time to create something original. All Oscar de la Renta did was slap some red on a shoe of his that is already for sale (for a cheap $695) and call it a day. Laze! But enough about what I think-how do you feel about the new recreations? Would you wear any of them?
Oscar de la Renta's original design & "New" design

Tuleh & Tibi

Sergio Rossi & Moschino

L.A.M.B. & Jimmy Choo

Diane Von Furstenberg & Botkier

Betsey Johnson & A Testoni



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