Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Freddy Rodriguez and Some People We Don't Care About

The hottness that is Freddy Rodriguez (not to be confused with Robert, who is God awful and whose face should be slapped with an R rating for fear it might give children nightmares) graced the premiere of his new movie "Bottle Shock" last night with his presence. Some other people were there too including Alan Rickman, Rachael Taylor and Bradley Whitford. I know-who cares, right? I'm basically only posting this because who wants to miss out on a chance on the fineassness of the Freddy? Just look at him in that picture above. He knows he's way too good to be around all those fake, fug bitches. Rachael (yes, RachAel with an "A") is pretending to find something hysterical, but that's a phony laugh if I've ever seen one. He should have totally smacked her a good one. Now THAT would have been something to laugh about.

Rachael Taylor

Bebe Neuwirth & Alan Rickman



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