Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Haircutting Privileges Revoked!

Katie..oh! Excuse me! KATE Holmes unveiled yet another new hair do today-this time shorter than her previous style. You know, KATE is truely an amazing woman. I have never met anyone who manages to out-fug themselves each and every time. Truely it is a talent. Because really, you have to try to look that awful. Now, I'm not sure if Tom allows Katie-there I go again! -KATE-to have any friends, but in the event that she does have some, they have got to take any and all sharp objects away from her for fear that she will create a monstrosity worse than this. And also because if I were married to Tom, it would most likely be a good idea to hide all sharp things away from me for more obvious reasons. I mean really, she's beginning to look like a cancer patient with the worst fashion sense in the history of the universe who can only afford those used wigs they sell out of the back of a van on a rainy day that you buy with food stamps.


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