Thursday, August 7, 2008

Heidi Klum and the Case of the Missing Breasts

First off, I am not talking shit about Heidi Klum or calling her flawed in any way. I adore Mrs. Klum. I think she's sexy, funny, down to Earth, and actually has a great personality. So when I ask what happened to Heidi Klum's boobs, I'm really wondering if this is a case of them getting smaller from having a small army of children, or Victoria's Secret making them seem larger in their campaigns. Now, if the latter is the case, I think this is beneficial to V.S. I mean, if they can make Heidi Klum's breasteses the way they are here look the way they are on the runway, they should definetely let us the public know. Because I will run my ass to the store right this very instant and buy three of everything they have. Anyway, here's Heidi sunbathing with husband Seal in Ponza, Italy yesterday. Apparently she is not a fan of the tan line.


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