Friday, August 8, 2008

I Hate You, Camilla Alves: Part Two

Damn that Camilla Alves! Damn her straight to hell! Can you believe she pushed a baby out of her venus fly trap just one month ago and her body looks like that? I tell you, that is just against the laws of nature. Either she is on some voodoo shit, or she's sucking the hot out of Matthew McConaughey who definetely looked more beat than usual. It's about time though. All that dude does is roast in the sun all day and night. I can't believe his skin hasn't melted straight off his body yet. Anyway, here are the two new parents as well as baby Levi Jeans at the launch of Camilla's handbag line, Muxo at Kitson last night. So sweet that they brought baby. I bet those two tree huggers bring him everywhere.



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