Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Want To Go To Japan

It is my dream (DREAM!) to go to Japan-either to visit or live. I just love the whole culture and everything in it and I want to give it a great big freaking hug. I've tried to learn the language but that crap is hard on your own, so I watch tons of Japanese movies and Ninja Warrior, hoping to pick up on some vocab. Anyway, the Japanese premiere of Sex and the City went down the other day, solidifying my desire to go to Japan. The fashion was, of course, fearless, and Noriko Aota was bringing dominatrix hotness back, stringing some guy by a leash. Sure the guy is disgustingly thin, but I'm down with the concept. And, like one ONTD member put it, this premiere was "the gayest gayness that ever gayed", which is like fluffy clouds and Twix bars in heaven to me.
Noriko Aota

Misaki Ito and director Michael Patrick King

Patricia Field & Norika Fujiwara

Double & Kurara Chibana

Riyo Mori & Sheila


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