Monday, August 11, 2008

Jamie Spears Needs a Nap

Poor Jamie Spears-his ass looks straight up beat! He is in dire need of a serious vacay on the real. Can you even imagine what he must go through day in and day out? Making sure Britney's wearing undies, taking her meds, brushing her hair, not drinking, staying Frapp free and not ingesting 17 pounds of Del Taco everyday. Roping in a grown woman with bipolar is a tough order, and I applaud you Daddy Spears. You have taken a lump piece of coal and turned it into a less lumpy, ashy piece of coal that doesn't burn your ass every time you try to touch it. Bravo! Jamie's work is definetely paying off for Britney, as she has gained more time with sons Sean Preston and Jayden James, seen here visiting with mum yesterday. Everyone has benefitted since Jamie got on board and took charge of the sinking ship. Even me, who can't wait for a new Brit album to drop. What? I loved Blackout and I'm not ashamed.



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