Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kanye Loves Gays, Hates Everyone Else

And so goes my endless love/hate relationship with Kanye West. One minute he is doing something completely mind bogglinglingly *yes that's a word* stupid, the next he's doing or saying or wearing something I consider worth standing up for. This time he is breaking bad on gay bashers. At a recent concert in Madison Square Garden, he berated those who discriminate against the gays and use the "F" word, saying it's time to check the hate and preconceived notions at the door and usher in a new area of acceptance:
"Open your fucking minds. Open your minds. Be accepting of different people and let people be who they are. You know how many people came to me calling me gay cause I wear my jeans the fresh way? Or because I said hey, dude, how you gonna say 'fag' right in front of a gay dude's face and act like that's ok. That shit is disrespectful. Coming from Chicago, where if you saw somebody that was gay you were supppoed to stay ten feet away. It should be time to break out of the intuitions that I was sayin', the steretypes, or the fear, the backlash that I would get if you don't believe in what I believe in, acceptin' people for who they are...they're very talented and if they do something special in the world and they're discriminated. I've flown across the world y'all, and I've come back here to tell you — open your minds and live a happier life..."
Oh Kanye! Telling me just what I want to hear! I forgive you for all the moronic things you've done and I love you all over again! And now that I love you, it's time for you to talk about how you are Pharoah of the Universe or create a declaration in the town square that you invented music. And not just hip hop-I'm talking all music. Jazz, soul, the ukulele, the obo, air guitar, polka, the whole shebang.
Also, I really like this message that Kanye is trying to spread-not just about accepting others, but about wearing your jeans in the fresh way. I can't tell you how important that is. I mean, why even bother to spend the money on clothes if you're not going to wear them well? I'm being serious! What a waste!


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