Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Karl Lagerfeld Is A Big Teddy Bear. Literally.

German teddy bear producer Steiff has made Chanel's own Karl Lagerfeld into a cuddly little teddy bear! Not really. The bear actually looks about as cold and judgemental as the original Karl, but without his famous fingerless gloves. Only 2,500 pieces will be sold at Neiman Marcus and you can take one at home for $1,500. What a bargain! You know these damn things are going to become collectors items, but is it worth it? Can you imagine that thing staring down at you as you wake up in the morning? If it could talk it would probably be saying, "Get out of bed fatass! Go to store and fetch me an Evian and caviar! And that Evian better be at 74 degrees precisely or I will then instruct you to boil the water and throw it on yourself to teach you a good lesson. Now chop chop obese cow! Lagerfeld bear waits for no one!"


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