Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lesbians Say Lindsay Isn't "Gay Enough", Needs More Pantsuits.

Lindsay Lohan has certainly gone through a shitstorm of controversy including everything from ramming her car into everything that does and does not move, to not showing up for work. But lately, since finding love and sobriety with girlfriend Sam Ronson, the star seems to live a more private, low key life that suprisingly does not involve the law. However, while most of us are happy for Linds' newfound contentment, others are intent on raining on her little parade. The Center for Sapphic Studies in Los Angeles, California is an organization with (they say passionate, I say bored with nothing better to do or talk about) members whose job it is to “further the cause of our lesbian sisterhood” (cult) and they don’t think Lindsay Lohan is doing any such thing. In fact, they say her relationship with Ronson only serves to further damage their movement.“They never seem to move past the hand holding and eye gazing phase of the relationship. There’s no sense these two are actually in a commited relationship,” said Alice Hensley. What? Isn't that what normal couples DO in public? I certainly don't walk down the street and see people fucking right then and there. At least lately I haven't. The public displays of subtle affection aren't the only thing that have the group's flannel shirts in a twist. They are taking personal swipes at Lindsay as well. “Lindsay Lohan is not only a fake lesbian, but she’s a fake bitch,” Hensley says. “She could easily come out. Rosie O’Donnell, and Ellen DeGeneres certainly came out and they had a lot more to lose than Lindsay does. Lindsay won’t come out because she only cares about herself and this is just a phase she’s going through. When Ronson dumps her she’ll just pick up the pieces and date a man.“ UGH! I am so sick of this bullshit! If they were really about equality they would realize that gays and lesbians should NOT have to publicly declare their sexual orientation in the fucking town square. You don't see every straight person flooding the covers of US Weekly with headlines that read, "I'm straight!" "I like dudes" or "Strictly dickly!" In a truely equal world, everyone-gay, straight, bi, whatever, would realize that sexual orientation is a natural and normal thing, whatever your preference is. To have to declare it implies it is out of the norm, which is total bullshit. And so what if these two break up and Lindsay dates a dude? She's bi! I think you like who you like and that is just it. Why should she (or anyone else) date someone just because they think it will please others? I sure as shit know I wouldn't be having some stranger tell me who I should or shouldn't date. These bitches need to sit down, listen to some Indigo Girls, and get a freaking hobby.


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