Friday, August 15, 2008

Mary Kate Going For Broke?

According to MSNBC, Daisy Buchanan has burning through her cash like, well, Daisy Buchanan! They say she is "burning through her cash", and that she has been advised to cut down on “travel, jewelry, clothes and especially security.” Damn! What the hell is she supposed to spend er money on? Certainly not food! I mean, think of all she saves each year on groceries alone. That right there is frugal!
While some insist Daisy is indeed losing some of her estimated $20 million a year income, others suggest she is doing just fine: “She has been focusing so much on her career and business, there hasn’t been time to spend a lot of money,” the source says. I personally don't believe this rubbish. MK has and always will be a wealthy, decadent and extravagent little ragamuffin, with plenty of dough to live by.


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