Thursday, August 28, 2008

Michael "I Shit Gold" Phelp's Mommy Has A New Clothing Line

Well, well, well! Seems as if someone's gotten a little taste of fame and they are hungry for more! It seems hot in the bod, fug in the face Michael Phelp's mommy, Debbie Phelps, is coming out with a new clothing line exclusively for Chico's entitled-are you ready for the sheer creative genius?!?-"The Debbie Phelps Collection". So original that one! I bet it took three weeks, a team of marketing professionals, ten Keebler evles, and hours upon hours of deep meditation and self reflection. If you want to see the collection, click here. But you probably don't. Would you rather spend your time checking out the collection of half neekid M.Phelps pictures below? I know you would you little dirty minded individuals!
P.S. That man is the only man in the world who should be allowed to wear speedos. I'm just saying, it's not a look everyone can pull off.


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