Monday, August 11, 2008

More Unqualified Celebs Design More Crap and Call It Fashion

You have positively no idea how tired I am of hearing about new celebs shitting on a t-shirt and calling it fashion. Actually, I'm sorry. Most of them would not even take a shit for their "collection". That would be entirely too much work. All they are good for is scribbling their name on cheap ass fabrics and stale designs and cashing some checks. The three latest "designers" are (seriously are you ready? Because it is out of left field) Luke Wilson, Carlos Santana and Sheryl Crow. First up we have Luke Wilson who teamed up with Swedish sports star Johan Edfors to design a line of golfwear for Puma. Allegedly, the two have been inspired by sportswear styles of the 1950s for their own design selections. Or, you know. Whatever the real designers told them to be inspired by. Next up we have Carlos Santana, who is branching out from his shoe line (yes, shoe line!) to create a line of handbags. I am sure they will be fabulous. And of course by fabulous I mean awful. Finally Sheryl Crow is set to release a denim line entitled, "Americana". Teaming up with Western Glove Works, the jeans are both eco-friendly, and use fair-trade cotton and denim. The western and vintage collection, which is described as "comfortable and earthy" is due to launch on August 15, through the singer’s Bootheel Trading Company. I guess this one makes the most sense, seeing as how denim is all she wears, but really, do we need another goddamn celebrity denim line? You're not exactly reinventing the wheel here.


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