Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh Snap! Tim Gunn Calls Jenny Aniston A "Desperate Character"

I smell a bitch fight, ya'll! Tim Gunn, who is known for his blunt constructive criticism has recently started speaking out with a forked tongue about celebs and the way they dress. The latest lady on his radar? None other than Jennifer Aniston. The "Guide to Style" host had this to say about Jenny: "Sometimes I think she has ‘desperate character’ written on her. The clothes we wear send a message. And I think that’s the message — I don’t think that’s her intention though.” But before you start sending muffin baskets with razor blades to Mr. Gunn, he did have something positive to say about our favorite Friend: “She’s a gorgeous woman and she understands her fashion." Say who do what now? I don't understand how someone can be both desperate, and have good fashion sense. I mean, that is a back handed compliment if I've ever heard one. "You look so great! You know, for a deperate old maid." Poor Jenny. Why everybody got to hate on the Aniston? What did she ever do? Leave Aniston alloooooone!
OK! Magazine


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